Career Advice

Can You Really Start a Career With Six Months of Training?

Aptena April 19, 2021

Our society and the educational system have pushed the idea of the four-year college degree to the point where many people are convinced that it is the only path to success. This has had a negative impact on our economy in that we are now facing workforce shortages in many well-paying manual labor jobs.

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How To Identify A Mom Friendly Work Environment

Aptena March 17, 2021

If you are a working mother, you know how important it is to find an employer that understands your particular needs for work and home balance. Some companies are just more family-friendly than others and identifying which companies will be a mom-friendly work environment is crucial to your long-term success and happiness. Keep reading to find out how to identify a mom-friendly work environment.

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Can You Stay Home With Kids and Work?

Aptena February 18, 2021

Stay-at-home parents often feel torn between a desire to be home with their children and feeling obligated to contribute to the family income. Today more and more parents are finding that they can actually do both. Working from home is easier than ever before. Many companies are finding that operating in the cloud or online saves them a lot of money, and many employees find that they are happier and healthier by staying home to work as well. Keep reading to learn more about how parents can successfully work from home.

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Three Background Areas Prospective Employers Check

Aptena January 15, 2021

Most employers conduct background checks these days to ensure that they hire who they think they're hiring. They also conduct background checks to protect the business from harm. The extent of the background check they conduct depends on the job position and the employer. The following are three areas that the employer usually checks when conducting an investigation...

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How to Keep Your Distance as a Front-Facing Worker

Aptena December 16, 2020

Front-facing workers have the greatest risk of falling ill during the pandemic. Examples of front-facing employees are cashiers, stock people, and managers. You'll have to put forth extra efforts if you currently work as a front-facing worker. There are some ways you can keep your distance and stay safe and healthy during these rough times. Here are three tips for you.

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