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Three Reasons to Disclose Your Disability in a Job Application

Aptena 16 August, 2021

You might feel compelled to keep your disability a secret when you're completing a job application. It's understandable that you might feel like the employer may discriminate. However, you may want to consider adding that information the next time a job application asks you about it. Here's why:

Employers Can not Discriminate

One reason not to fear putting your disability information on your job application is that employers are not allowed to discriminate. A prospective employer can get in trouble for denying you a job solely based on the presence of a disability. They cannot use such information to deny you a job. Thus, you have recourse if something like that happens to you. However, employers usually ensure that they don't alienate applicants because of their disabilities. You're not likely to have a problem in that area.

Employers Must Accommodate

Secondly, it would be wise to put your disability on the application if it asks. The ADA requests that all employers provide accommodation for employees with disabilities. It's up to you whether you want to take advantage of that privilege or not. It's your right to have a comfortable environment to work in.

You May Have an Incident at Work

Another good reason to disclose your disability is just in case something happens on the job. For example, you may have a medical condition that causes you to have to call out frequently. If the employer knows about your disability, they may be less likely to reprimand you for such issues. It's always best to keep your employer in the loop so that they know what to do if anything happens to you as well. You can ensure your own safety by doing that.

Consider the above-mentioned information before you decide not to disclose your disability on your job application. Not all applications ask that question, but you may come across a few that do. It is your personal decision what information you disclose, but you should feel comfortable about your disability. You may also find that you receive a job offer and have an amazing time at your new job.